House Rules

We appreciate your co-operation

Respect for people, place, and the planet


We kindly ask that you agree to follow the House Rules that are in place to keep everybody safe during their stay at Hahei Beach Resort.

These Resort Rules are part of the full Terms & Conditions of stay at Hahei Beach Resort.


  • 12pm for campsites, 2pm for accommodation
  • All guests must be registered at reception on arrival
  • Late check-ins 5-9pm must be agreed prior to arrival


  • By 10am for camping and accommodation or further charges may apply


  • Registered guests are responsible for their visitors at all times
  • All visitors must register at reception and pay a day visitor fee before accessing the Resort grounds, valid until 10pm
  • Sorry, there is no onsite parking available for visitors - their vehicles are to be left outside the Resort grounds
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry when the Resort is full or ask any guests and their visitors not following Resort Rules to leave with no refunds


  • Parents will be held fully responsible for their children at all times
  • Children under 16 years must be supervised at all times
  • Please supervise your children and teens in and around the Resort, especially while they are on the roadways on foot or bikes, scooters, skateboards
    using the facilities, taps with hot water, near the dunes, water, beach and the Wigmore Stream

Bikes and Scooters

We love seeing everyone on bikes but please make sure:

  • Bike helmets are to be worn at all times by adults, teens and children - everyone!
  • Follow the road rules as there are cars and large vehicles moving around
  • No bikes, scooters, skateboards are to be ridden in and around the Resort entrance,
    in front of the main reception building, near The Deck bar and eateries, or in and around the main amenities buildings
  • No bikes or scooters to be ridden onsite after 8pm
  • Parents, we remind you that you are fully responsible for your children for the duration of your stay. The Resort is very busy day and night so please know where your children and teens are, and keep them safe (we don't want to have to ban bikes so your co-operation is needed).

Slow Down

  • All vehicles are to travel at a walking pace/less than 5km only at all times - please be mindful of children and bikes


  • Quiet time is 10.30pm - 7am
  • Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times – foul language, loud swearing, excessive drinking, drugs and parties will not be tolerated
  • Consideration must be shown to other guests at all times
  • Please follow the instructions and requests from the resort team, security & management


  • May ONLY be consumed on your site, within your unit, or with the designated area of the Resort bar inside of the planters and roped off area

Quiet Time

  • Quiet time is expected between 10:30pm and 7:00am so please be thoughtful of fellow guests at all times
  • Your co-operation with the requests of the night security team is expected

Powered Campsites

  • Campervans and caravans must: 
    • Have a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness and power leads must be a minimum of 10 metres
    • Provide your own waste container
    • Empty chemical toilets in the dump station provided onsite by The Crescent and Airstrip toilet block
  • Tents plugging into power can only use an approved and tested 'camping style' power cord (with 3 long round pins), at least 10m long, with a safety RCD
  • Please make sure you have your WoF documentation and your tested, tagged power cord available for us to check
  • Power cords must stay within the boundaries of your site
  • You cannot connect vans or tents on multiple sites to one power source
  • Management reserves the right to unplug any connection that does not comply with regulations
  • Generators are not permitted at any time
  • Tents can only be erected on 'a site' – and not outside the accommodation - there must be 1.5m between sites

Parking, Boats, and Trailers 

  • No parking of cars, boats, or trailers outside of your site boundaries - this includes on the roadside, neighbouring sites, and ALL green spaces
  • Parking is allocated for all accommodation, please use this space
  • Visitors must park outside of the Resort grounds
  • Limited storage and overflow parking may be available over Peak Season for a daily fee, otherwise, parking is outside of the Resort grounds

Cleaning & Damage

  • Please notify reception of any breakages or damage to the Resort property
  • Management reserves the right to recover the cost of damage or where extra cleaning is required
  • Dishes must be done and put away, facilities and BBQs must be left clean and tidy after use

Total Fire Ban

  • Gas BBQs only on the entire Hahei Beach Resort site
  • The Fire Ban also includes the Hahei Beach Dunes


  • Smoking is not permitted inside any Resort buildings or accommodation, charges apply for any cleaning required


  • Sorry, guests and visitors cannot bring pets into the accommodation at any time (except service dogs), charges will apply
  • Requests for dogs on camping sites outside Peak Season and Public Holiday weekends are to be made to the General Manager prior to arrival
  • The full pet policy can be viewed here


  • Keep NZ beautiful – please use the recycling and rubbish bins around the Resort
  • Rubbish bags are available from the designated rubbish and recycling centres and we kindly ask you to take your rubbish to the bins on the day of your departure

As a last resort, if any of these house rules are breached, you may be asked by Hahei Beach Resort Management to leave the resort without a refund.