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Terms & Conditions

Reservation Terms and Conditions
Updated 13 October 2023

By making a reservation with a deposit, part or full payment at Hahei Beach Resort (The Resort), you have agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions:

1. Reservations

Reservations are a contract between Hahei Beach Limited ('us', 'we', 'our', 'management') and the person, aged 18 years and over, named on the Reservation ('you', 'your', 'the reservation holder').

Reservations are not transferable to any other persons. The person named on the reservation must occupy the site/room for the duration of the contract, and is ultimately responsible/liable for occupants and visitors of that site/accommodation. Hahei Beach Limited reserves the right to cancel any booking (without refund) whereby the person named on the reservation is no longer occupying the site/accommodation.

  • For Group Bookings - each site or room allocated to the group, must have an individual booking with a named Reservation Holder.
  • The maximum number of people allowed in accommodation is specified in the Room Descriptions.
  • The maximum of five (5) people per camping site. Any changes outside of this policy are at the discretion of Management only.

Rates are GST (15%) inclusive, in New Zealand Dollars ($NZD).

Where you have specifically requested a room or campsite we will use all reasonable endeavours to provide you with your requested room or campsite; however we reserve the right to modify your booking at any time, for any reason whatsoever, including where availability is affected by cleaning and maintenance requirements, weather damage and/or the need to accommodate other bookings.

2. Check-In and Check-Out

The Reservation Holder must register and pay balances due on arrival before we will allow any access. If you do not check in with us when you arrive, your booking may be deemed a 'non-arrival' and canceled without refund. 

  • Check-in time 12pm for camping and 2pm for accommodation
  • Arrivals after 5pm must pre-arrange a late arrival, instructions will be emailed
  • Latest check-in 9pm
  • Check-out time before 10am for accommodation and camping
3. Minimum Stays Peak Season & Public Holidays
  • Peak Season 26 December - end of Waitangi weekend. Minimum nights stays apply for Peak Season and Public Holiday weekends or events. Check minimum stays at the time of booking. Any requests to stay less than the minimum nights is at management discretion.
  • Parking is only 1 vehicle to be located within your designated site (other than your Caravan/Campervan.
4. Payment Policy
  • Bookings via our website, will be charged in full at the time of booking. We accept Visa and Mastercard (a 2% credit and debit card surcharge applies). 
  • One payment per booking only is to be paid in full on arrival if you have not pre-booked.
  • If for any reason, other than those provided for in sections 1, 5, 10, and 11 of these Terms and Conditions, we do not provide part or all of the accommodation you have reserved, then our liability is limited to a maximum refund of the amount you have paid us for your reservation reduced by an administration fee, any deduction pursuant to section 11, and by the price of any accommodation and services that have been provided or made available to you by us up to that date.
5. Cancellation and Amendment Policy

Cancellations and amendments must be in writing via email with your booking reference number noted. 

Cancellations and Amendments, excluding Peak Season (See 3 and 5A)

If you provide written notice:

  • At least 72 hours prior to your booked arrival date - a 75% refund will apply
  • Within 72 hours of your booked arrival date - a 25% refund will apply
  • If you:
    • cancel on the day of arrival or do not show up you will be charged for the full booking amount
    • change the number of people in your reservation, please advise us before your arrival
      if you arrive with less guests than originally booked, no refund
    • choose to leave early, no refund or transfers will be made for the balance
5A. Cancellation and Amendments in Peak Season (see 3)

Peak Season is from 26 December - end of Waitangi weekend.

Cancellation or amendments to your confirmed Peak Season bookings must be via email with booking reference number noted. 

  • After 31st August for the upcoming 'Peak Season', 50% of your total confirmed booking is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment cannot be transferred as 'credit' to any other bookings.
  • On or after 1 November for the upcoming 'Peak Season', 100% of your total confirmed booking is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment cannot be transferred as 'credit' to any other bookings.
  • Any alterations made on or after 1 November for the upcoming ‘Peak Season’, $50 administration fee.
  • Confirmed Peak Season bookings cannot be moved to dates outside of Peak Season.
  • Reservations cannot be changed or made less than the minimum stay booked.

Inaccessibility to the Resort:

If you are unable to access the Resort due to road closures on the Coromandel Peninsula preventing you from driving to Hahei on the day which your booking is scheduled to start, you are entitled to be refunded for the day(s) which you are unable to access the Resort.

Our cancellation policy is firm. We recommend guests take out adequate travel insurance to cover the loss of deposit or any accommodation charges should the cancellation policy be applied. As the New Zealand Government has removed all mandatory Covid-19 requirements, we will not provide a refund when you cannot travel or you leave the Resort early because of Covid-19, or any other illness. We recommend that you refer to the latest Covid-19 recommendations.

6. Digital Peak Season Booking Requests (see 3 and 5A)

Peak Season is 26 December - end of Waitangi Weekend 6 February

When you have booked and stayed with us in the above Peak Season for one year or more, you may submit a Digital Peak Season Booking Request for the following summer. If eligible for a Digital Peak Season Booking Request Form, you will receive an email with a unique single use link after check-in.

  • The digital form must be submitted for consideration by 20th February
  • The unique link is for single use only - do not share the form or it will be void
  • No group or block bookings can be made on the single use form
  • All correspondence for requests, changes, cancellations must be prompt via email
  • Failure to advise changes to your email or contact details may result in the loss or cancellation of any offer
  • The form is a request only - NOT a confirmed booking
  • Final allocation of campsites and accommodation is at discretion of management

From 20 February - May, the Peak Season Booking Request Forms are reviewed. Booking offers will be emailed in the following order:

  1. Criteria Customers | have a history of staying with us for five consecutive years or longer on the same site/accommodation, for the same date range in the Peak Season. A Criteria Customer may have one grace year and not lose Criteria status on their site or accommodation.
  2. Long Standing Customers | have a history of staying with us for three or more consecutive years in Peak Season.
  3. New Loyals | have a history of staying with us for less than three years in the Peak Season.
  4. If you have not booked and stayed with us in our Peak Season before |
    General bookings with remaining availability for the following summer will open online in late June/early July.
7. Child Policy

Child rates apply to children aged 3 – 15 years inclusive. Infants under 3 years, free. Parents or guardians must supervise and will be held responsible for their children at all times within the Resort grounds. 

8. Pet Policy
  • No animals are allowed in accommodation at any time (except service dogs). 
  • No animals in Peak Season on any campsites.

Outside of Peak Season dates, requests for dogs on camping sites, excluding Beachfront, are to be made to the General Manager prior to arrival. If you arrive at the Resort without prior approval, no entry and no refund.

If you have approval to have a dog at your campsite outside of Peak Season:

  • Dog owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety and supervision of their dog
  • All dogs must be registered and vaccinated
  • Dogs must be quiet, not disturb others or be left alone
  • Dogs must be tied up and/or on a leash at all times
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs immediately
  • Dogs are not permitted inside amenity blocks, kitchens, communal BBQ areas or on The Deck
9. Privacy Act

Unless you instruct us in writing, booking information provided by you will not be passed to a third party or disclosed to anyone.

10. Guest Behaviour & Visitors

We are a family-oriented Resort and expect reasonable, courteous behaviour from guests. 

Quiet time is 10.30pm - 7am. Loud parties, music and excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated. No illegal drugs or associated paraphernalia are allowed. 

Visitors to Hahei Beach Resort grounds:

  • As a registered guest, you are responsible for your visitors at all times under these T&Cs and Resort Rules
  • Visitors must register at reception, pay a day visitor fee valid until 10pm
  • Strictly no visitor onsite parking - parking only outside the Resort grounds
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry and ask any visitors to leave with no refunds if rules are not followed
  • Please respect our staff and other guests
  • We reserve the right to ask any guests and their visitors to leave the Resort and the booking will be terminated if they are deemed by management to be behaving in a socially unacceptable way or breaking Resort Rules. No refund will be given and charges will apply for any damage caused.
11. Cleaning and Damage

Management reserves the right to recover costs if extra cleaning is required. Please respect the property by doing the dishes, putting them away, and leaving the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition.

Please notify reception of any breakages or damage to the Resort property. Management reserves the right to recover all costs. The guest agrees to pay the daily rate of their accommodation for any downtime on the accommodation caused by damage by the guest, where the accommodation cannot be rented out.
Specific Fixed changes: $1,200 Fire Call-outs due to steam or smoke resulting from smoking and/or negligent use of bathrooms, kitchens and BBQs or smoking • $200 Security Call Out for noise complaints or other breaches of resort rules • $100 Lockout Fee – to provide access after-hours, due to guest losing the key • $100 Call Out fee for Emergency Repairs due to guest damage or negligence • $200 min for excessive cleaning of accommodation • $50 lost keys • $300 penalty smoking in accommodation *No Smoking • $500 hypoallergenic cleaning for pets* No Pets in accommodation • $50 for other damage, cleaning, breakage, relocating furniture, etc plus costs to rectify.

12. Health & Safety

We are a busy beachfront property with direct, unfenced access to Hahei Beach and the Wigmore Stream. You are agreeing and are responsible for ensuring safety for all in your group.

Security cameras are in place for guest and staff safety. Information will be passed to Police if required. Security patrols take place throughout the Resort. You must follow security and management instructions. If, after receiving a warning from the Manager or Security, the guest fails to comply with Resort Rules, the accommodation/campsite must be vacated immediately, and guests will forfeit the booking. Security staff reserve the right to film any behaviour which is in breach of the Resort Rules.

Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times especially on roads with large vehicles. 

Bikes - cyclists must follow the road rules as there are cars and large vehicles moving around:

  • Bike helmets are to be worn at all times
  • No bikes, scooters or skateboards to be ridden onsite after 8pm
  • No bikes, scooters, skateboards to be ridden in and around the Resort entrance,
    in front of the main reception building, near The Deck bar and eateries, or in and around the main amenities buildings
  • Share with care with special caution to large vehicles, eentering, exiting and using all roadways within the Resort
  • Management reserves the right to confiscate bikes for the duration of stay if the above rules are not followed

Speed Limit 5km - when entering, exiting and within the Resort by vehicle, bike, skateboard or scooter - speeds must be walking pace, less than 5km/hour at all times. NZ road rules apply within the resort. Roadways are shared with pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, large vehicles including motorhomes, caravans, boat trailers, tractors, delivery trucks.

Parking - must be within your designated site only with your permit clearly displayed.

Wellness and Covid-19 - if any member of your group is suffering from a medical condition that may be infectious, please practice good hygiene standards, consider others in preventing the spread of illness and seek immediate medical advice from your health professional.

Waterways - these include Hahei Beach, Hot Tubs, Wigmore Stream, Showers, Baths, Laundries and Kitchen facilities with very hot water. It is your responsibility to supervise children and care for your group at all times.

Hahei Beach -  once you leave the Resort grounds, you accept full responsibility for your own, and your group’s health and safety. The ocean at Hahei Beach can be dangerous and is only patrolled by lifeguards in peak periods. Swim between the flags when lifeguards are on duty. Swimming in the Wigmore Stream is at your own risk.

Hot Tubs - Hot Tub hire must be made on the day at reception. Booking times are limited. Terms and Conditions of hire apply, paying the fee before being issued with a key. Cover and lock cover pool when not in use, return the key to reception. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Hot Tubs may not be operational to allow for repair or maintenance.

Licensed Bar Onsite - enjoy with the designated bar perimeter area:

  • Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Alcohol purchased in the bar must be consumed with the designated bar perimeter area
  • No BYO alcohol can be bought into the designated bar perimeter area

Fire Ban - in the Resort and surrounding area from 1st November to 1st April. This includes Hahei Beach. No unattended candles, open BBQs, lanterns or fireworks.

BBQs - must be attended by an adult at all times. Only gas BBQs may be used, no open charcoal BBQ’s allowed.

First Aid - emergencies dial 111. For minor injuries, report to reception for assistance, or phone the office after hours. There is a defibrillator at reception.

Tsunami Plan - ensure your group has a plan and is aware of the Tsunami warning system for the local area, listed on the Resort Map provided on arrival.

In Case of Emergency - you agree that you, your group and any visitors registered with you will follow the instructions of the Hahei Beach Resort staff.

Breakages, Accidents, Hazards - report to Resort staff immediately.

Lock it or Lose It - lock your accommodation, vehicles and personal possessions at all times. Hahei Beach Limited cannot be liable for any theft or damage to vehicles or your personal belongings, including food stored in Resort fridges and freezers.

Respect - Resort Rules are online and on your Resort Map provided on arrival. 

Powered Campsites - a current electrical WOF is required for all campervans, caravans. A camping approved round pin, RCD power cord (10m long) is required for any electrical connections.

Hahei Beach Limited reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions.